Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

A blessed day to all! Before I reveal all the facts about microscope, first let me introduce myself. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek is my name but you can call me Anton or Antonie. I was born in Delft, Holand on the 24th day of October 1632. My father was a basket maker and my mother came from the family of brewers. My formal education appears to have lasted a short time as I am listed as having only attended a school in Warmond.

With MICROSCOPE, life is precious.

We are living in the world of uncertainty. Our lives are full of things which we cannot see by our naked eye. Our planet is in distress as we go along side by side because we are conscious of the simple things that we do not know. Perhaps, maybe, perchance, conceivably were mere facts that we were not sure of the things that might happen to us. Our world might collapse because many things are not yet to be discovered, untimely, these bothers the human race simply because we still believe in what we believe in. Humanity, humankind, simple things in this world that bears in life, were fascinated to the reality that life goes on if we know what belong to us.

According to David Vaughan, in his speech, he coined that “most people take for granted the invisible world of the micro-bugs that exist side by side in relative harmony with all animals, including humans.” It is one of the facts that many small things in this world were not being study and ignore because we do not do certain things.

And the world evolved, many frontier thinkers of education studied, many geniuses emerged, many intelligent people contributed, and many individual person even though they were not the intelligent, genius and efficient step by step held their hands together for the realization of WORLD’S limited information for the sake od SCIENCE. That time, I considered that what is true in natural philosophy cam be most fruitfully investigated by the experimental method, supported by the evidence of the senses; for which reason, by diligence and tireless labor I made with my own hand certain most excellent lenses, with the aid of which I discovered many secrets of nature, now famous throughout the whole philosophical world, and that is MICROSCOPE.

Allow me to tell you completely the difference of don’t have to do have. Don’t you know that notably Robert Hooke of England and my predecessors and contemporaries are one of the two people who had built the microscope along with Jan Swammerdam of Netherlands? Because of that, bacteria, yeast plants, the teeming life in a drop of water, and the circulation pf blood corpuscles in capillaries were few of the micro-thing like seen. Until such time, variety of living and non living things were push through. In the modern times, microscope changed in to a more high-tech one. It is where even the lives of bacteria, composition, are utmost studied. Even the most and most, but definitely the most small objects in this world were now seen by the world. Humanities explore things, and the fact that we can illustrate it because we knew those things.

Indeed, we, students have minds that sharpened by the past, darkened by the facts and beliefs, and sculpted by the studies and discoveries of many discoverers and scientist like me. School, where these students were learning, fascinated by the conventional learning of modern era comes out with the intervention of technology all out the world. We humans need microscopes. We care about life of the things which we do not know. We want to be sufficed by the knowledge that we need to know. We want to be fed up by the facts as the time we see those things directly. And MICROSCOPE will help us a lot.

Like me and my contemporaries, we, Filipinos are diligent enough to explore things, and implore to our hearts the good thing in it. Life is not just a simple pavement towards nothingness. We are here to support things that our God Almighty pleaded in us. Let me quote this thought in my letter of June 12, 1716 “. . . my work, which I’ve done for a long time, was not pursued in order to gain the praise I now enjoy, but chiefly from a craving after knowledge, which I notice resides in me more than in most other men. And therewithal, whene I found out anything remarkable, I have thought it my duty to put down my discovery on paper, so that all ingenioys people might be informed thereof .”

In all this, we, humans, in greater heights is like MICROORGANISMS, a small but a very important thing not only in fauna and flora but also to humankind.

That’s all and thank you.


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